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    A patent attorney is a lawyer who has extra ordinary talent in preparing and filing the patent applications.  These lawyers represent their clients in court for the cases related to patent related matters like licensing and reexamination. These lawyers must be experts in at least any two fields as they must be capable enough to understand the new invention of their client. These patent attorneys are also capable of giving patentability opinions in the court.

    Individual Practitioner Vs Large Firms

    You have to be clear enough to choose the best patent attorney. These large firms mostly provide full service that is they have the capability to provide a varied range of intellectual property like license agreement and trademarks. These firms may also have experienced patent attorneys who have several years of experience in this field. Usually, these large firms are very expensive. The other problem with large firms is that in some cases, you may expect an experienced lawyer to appear for your case but this experienced lawyer may hand over the case to an attorney with less knowledge in that area which would disappoint you a lot.

    On the other side, individual patent attorneys are less expensive and also they work with you directly. However you have to be connected with more than one lawyer to get all your works done.

    Tips To Hire

    You can easily hire a patent attorney by following the below tips effectively:

    Initially, you have to understand clearly about your invention. You should remember that you have certain boundaries for hiring your attorney. You can get references from your friends and relatives to find the best attorney. Rather than searching for the nearby attorneys, you can also surf through the net and find an experienced attorney who offers fewer prices. Before hiring your attorney, you should be careful in understanding the billing mode of your attorney. You should also have best knowledge about all the legal process so that you can avoid asking unnecessary queries to your patent attorney. Hire a good patent attorney and Win your patent case!

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