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    Importance of Advertisement

    olaa_18930_blog_02Advertisement is became the most important promotional tool for the growth of the company.  Growth and life of the company depend on the advertising. A good advertising is good for the health of company and owner. Advertisement is employee by the sponsors which may be agency, company and organization.  The importance of advertising is increasing day by day.  The scope and importance of advertisement is not limited to the walls. Orangelabel Advertising the web site which provide the facility of advertising.

    Types of advertisement

    • Online advertising – Online is that type of advertising in which the people uses internet and World Wide Web for advertising the products and services. This is the most modern and advance mode of advertisement. Most of the company uses online advertising for the effective promotion.
    • Broadcasting advertising- This type of advertising uses to convey the message through television and radio. It is the dominant way of advertising. Mainly people give more preference to broadcasting advertising.
    • Print advertising- Print advertising is that type of advertising in which message is conveys through newspaper, magazine, brochure and holding.
    • Outdoor advertising- It includes the advertising which is carried outside the home. It is also called door to door selling. This type of adverting is mainly conducted for the inferior products.
    • Financial advertising- Generally when the company fails to get the funds from other source. It conducts financial advertising for collecting the funds. Advertising though news paper, magazine helps to aware the requirement of funds among shareholder, investor, advisor and analyst.
    • Product advertising- Product advertising is king the effort to increase the sale of the product. When the company is launched new product and services, it needs to do the product advertising as much as possible.

    Objectives of advertising

    • Awareness about the product which is the foremost aim of the company.
    • Persuasion- Company advertises the product to make the potential customer.
    • Purchase – It the straightforward objective of the company to increase the sale of company.
    • Name and fame- Many of the company and web site mainly to highlight the name of the company

    Orangelabel Advertising being aware of the market condition get the best advertising and sponsors.  Marketing is best way of promotion. It helps to focus on the needs and requirement of the customer. Constantly marketing help in successful achievement of goal. Market is not the one step process, it need instant and constant working.