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    house moving services

    For all the excitement that shifting to a new house brings, there is plenty of stress and a great deal of work involved. The stress and hectic schedule are undeniable as you need to move out with bulky furniture, electronics and perhaps a hundred other items which make up your house. Not to mention, the items that are fragile which need a lot of care when being moved from one place to another. It is little wonder that house moving services in Melbourne are in such high demand.

    With professionally trained removal experts whose primary task involves moving house safely and securely, much of the stress can be left out of the entire transitioning process. It is however imperative that you do some proper research before you hand over the entire responsibility of shifting your essentials to any party. Make a list of things that you need to check and only proceed after your queries bring you satisfactory responses.

    One of the most important things that you need to ask your removalist is whether or not they have an operator’s licence. This licence is basically a permit which enables the movement of goods vehicles within the designated areas.

    Operator’s Licence

    Operators which provide house moving services in Melbourne need to hold a CPC, which stands for Certificate of Professional Competence in order to be eligible for an Operator’s Licence. So, by ensuring that the operator you want to put your trust and money in holds an Operator’s Licence, you can be assured of two primary things:

    • Your operator has been professionally trained as the certification is given only after the completion of a relevant course.
    • Your operator has the required permit to move your possessions in a vehicle which weighs more than or equal to 3.5 tonnes.

    There are, however, different kinds of operator’s licence and you may need to make sure that your operating company holds the right one.

    Different Types of Operator’s Licence

    • Standard National Licence
    • Standard International Licence
    • Restricted Licence

    These are all vehicle licences and with the restricted licence, the operator cannot legally move your possessions. If a standard national operator’s licence is issued in the name of your operator, he can carry out his removal operations within the scope of the country. With a Standard International licence, the holder is only allowed international removals. Understanding these details can help you determine whether or not your removal company operates within legal boundaries when it comes to the vehicles they use.

    There are several other areas that you need to check into before choosing a provider for house moving services in Melbourne, like past record (through testimonials or cross references), certifications and affiliations, availability of short term storage facilities, insurance coverage, etc.

    Also ensure that the removal company has a good communication system in place. This can save you a lot of headache and unnecessary worries when your possessions are in transit.