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    Gelato Products

    Frozen yogurt is a delicious sweet treat and healthy alternative to traditional ice cream that can bring in new customers this summer season. Stocking up on the right ice cream shop supplies should include the necessities for offering the best experience to your new customers.

    When it comes to frozen yogurt, people tend to want to sample several flavors before they buy. For this reason, you’ll want plenty of tasting spoons stocked and presentable right up front with disposal in clear reach. You’ll also want the best paper cups for your product that aren’t too flimsy. Strive for recycled materials since these are not only better for the environment, but are aos a great feature of your store to advertise. People feel more inclined to purchase something when they know it’s doing some good, and getting to be environmentally conscious while also enjoying some delicious frozen yogurt is an offer too good to pass up.

    If you’re wondering how to market your frozen yogurt, consider mentioning its fruity flavors, smooth taste and low-fat options. Hang signs that provide comparisons between the calories and fat content of popular ice cream orders and their frozen yogurt counterparts. For example, what’s the calorie count in a two-scoop cone versus the same amount of frozen yogurt?¬†You can also place your logo on the side of frozen yogurt cups for an eye catching display.

    Frozen yogurt is still a trendy substitute for those on a diet and people just looking to switch things up with dessert. Be open and colorful in your advertising and offer plenty of free samples to lure people in. A launch-day discount is a surefire way to bring new faces into your shop, according to ice cream supply wholesaler, Gelato Products.