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    Spiritual development is increasing in gradual manner and dynamic change in environment make everyone to contribute the world in new manner. Demoralize people decrease in count and large questions relate to religious and political institutions. Spiritual wave is raising lands to reduce in terrorism and leaders can promote the people in attractive ways. Bridges to Common Ground possess two decade of experience and work to solve wars and resolve disasters. Field-test model apply by them to undermine Islamic radicalization. In turn distinct Messiah-center approach merge the hope and faith with science of practicality. Possibility of recover the person from depression made everyone easy to enhance the positive mindset and build the confidence. Proven strategy that work with different work concepts made common people to believe on spirituality. Resolve conflict and realize the spread of racialism while entering into review books like Bible, english quran or Ramayana. Transform entrench mindset and resolve the dead misunderstanding though the holy books.

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    Deploy social media and emerging global spiritual awakening maximizes the merits. Build the bridge of friendship and spiritual bonds make everyone simple to understand the concepts and effective change realize in local, personal and global levels. Details on board and staff members attract everyone to try and increase the merits. Tax details and ways to overcome the fear are brief in online forums. Non-profit organization and alternate links for increase the benefits attract the people to improve the spiritual lifestyle. Misunderstanding in common for people at different groups and people should follow the path of faith with trust to lead happy life with others. Process of misunderstanding from scripture and shaping the world to new path is achieves by review the concept brief in Quran. Hundreds of reference of Jesus list in the Quran and readers has to share positive thoughts to neighbors for better spiritual life. Though multiple languages are Quran books are available English languages plays major count and download by people. Translate the language is simple with modern web tools and understand the thoughts brief in books in short span. Get better knowledge with experts those assist in reading the books.