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    Making Will shall never be protective enough in reality as there’s an option in Victorian Legislation that disputes on a will can be contested. A will can be contested for various reasons like if beneficiary feels it is an unfair decision, will is made because of other’s influences or the individual is not eligible for making will by the time it was made, etc. Few other common reasons for disputes include non-consideration of executors or trustees, one or the other beneficiaries are missed out, etc. Contesting a will is easy when you hire an efficient lawyer in Victoria.

    Who can challenge a will?

    Not all are eligible to challenge a will. Only those who are closely associated with the deceased one can contest a will. Either spouses of deceased (irrespective of whether they lived together or separated) or dependents or beneficiary or even parents are eligible in contesting a will according to Victorian Legislation. In accordance with children, even those who were considered as children by will maker are also been included for challenging a will. Other members of the family, grandchildren, a registered care taker who took good care of will maker during his/her life. Lawyer will ask for relationship and will guide in challenging a will.

    How court looks at different facts about will?

    According to court, Lawyer needs to produce reason why the deceased one made will. If the applicant who contests a will is a dependent of deceased, then in the name of “Moral Duty” the applicant is given eligibility in contesting a will Victoria. If applicant is capable of handling case with hiring of lawyers and other court expenses then its fine. In case if applicant is not capable of such expenses, court tries to extend help in ensuring adequate provision is made. Legality and reliability of will is again tested through various means. Major factor is that whenever court makes decision in changing the will, it will always ensure that other beneficiaries who were all mentioned in the will are unaffected. With proper guidance of efficient lawyers who are experienced, none of these challenges would bother applicant in changing a will.