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    DUI offence

    In the past, entry into Canada was a quite easy process with just a small formality. But however nowadays, it is quite complicated and this change is due to many reasons. The main reasons include the economic crash in Canada, changes in the LMIA regulations, increased terrorist attacks and changes in the staffing rules at the border. Well if you want to enter Canada with a DUI offence, then it is totally a different story that includes a lot of formalities. Visit the website to find out if you are eligible to enter Canada.

    Check for yourself if you are eligible to enter into Canada with a DUI offence

    If you have ever been convicted because of an offence, then entering into Canada is not that easy, it is an intricate and a complicated process. The laws and regulations differ from one country to another country. If the crime you have committed in another country is not considered as a crime in Canada, then you will not have problem in entering Canada. The next thing that you have to take into consideration is when you have committed the offense. It is necessary that you need to get rehabilitated to be in Canada. It would very hard and difficult to enter Canada if you have committed an offence or crime for more than one time. If you ever want a temporary residence permit in Canada, then the reason for your travel will be taken into consideration. You cannot enter Canada if you are found guilty for having committed the crimes that are mentioned under the section 36 of the IRPA Act.

    However you would be allowed to enter and stay in Canada if you were acquitted of your crime and discharged on condition. Pardons and foreign discharges are not recognized in Canada. If you commit a severe crime or an offence in Canada then you would not be allowed to stay in Canada and you will be expelled out of the country. This applies even if your offence is not of criminal in nature but if it leads to conviction under the Act of Parliament in Canada. For further details and information visit the above mentioned website and self-assess yourself if you can enter Canada.