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    I in the Disc stand for Influence. When one will take the disc profile test and if they get I style means that you are more influenced. These style persons are very influenced by any of the factors. The person with I style may have the lack of follow through and they are convinced by any of the others easily. They are magnetic and enthusiastic to others and also they are the most trusted persons and have optimistic rules. They can take actions easily and expertise in collaboration and they can express their feeling easily. Some persons do not express their feelings in an understandable manner. But these I style people may express their feeling very easily. These persons like more social activities and group activities and they want more recognition. In hundreds of people also they want their own recognition. They can be ignored and they have the fear that they may loss the influence. They maintain the democratic relationships with every person. These people have their own goals. Some of their goals include they want victory and success on any situations they handle.


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    Without success they cannot even survive. They give more importance to the victory. They also give more importance to the friendship and happiness. At any situation and at any struggle they are facing they just want happiness other than all. And also they like people so much means they can easily became friends to everyone. They give respect to the friends. They want prestige status symbols also. They will do the research on all the facts they need to know. Without knowing the facts are correct or false they do not leave that. They can speak directly to any one without hesitation. Other person is who ever may be who is in the higher authority person or even normal person they will speak to them equally. They do not have fear on any one. Anyone who wants to talk with these persons will share their experiences and make friendship with them and avoid asking them more and more details. If you make use of this test and you can change your personality now.