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    Best Personal Injury Lawyers

    When you have invested your life’s savings to purchase your dream home , you take all possible precautions to prevent the property from being damaged however when circumstances are unfavourable and there is damage to your property due to fire, theft or any kind of  natural calamity.

    Insurance company have a habit of low balling your claim hence it is a necessity that you take the help of the Ketterman Rowland and Westlund to resolve your problem. Insurance company at the time of claim filing totally forget that you have paid premium worth thousands of dollars over the years. Fair compensation for your property is your legal right and when the insurance company decides on holding back you know that the insurance company needs to be taught a lesson and who better than the law firm of Ketterman. So the claim for the property is firstly processed by your lawyers who would hire a surveyor who would inspect the damage and give you insights on the cost that will be required to restore the property.

    When the survey is done the lawyers would then approach the court and subpoena the insurance company filling a case under multiple section of the law including doing business with the intention of fraud. The case is sent in front of a judge who would then assess the merits of the case and assign a date for the jury selection. Jury selection is the trickiest part of the whole ordeal as the insurance company would try to select the jury of your liking and you would also try the same. The jury is selected for case both the parties then start the deposition and court proceeding starts. It has been noted that most of the times these case don’t go through to the Jury decision as the insurance company lawyers when they see that your team of lawyers have been able to put stronger show in the court they would offer to settle, you will need to take a call if the written amount is as per your requirement or would you go ahead with the jury decision.